Contract Negotiations:
Here's What You Need to Know

Negotiation 101: Understanding the Bargaining Process

As we approach contract negotiations with the union, we want to share a quick overview of what you can expect during negotiations on your new contract. We want to equip you with some basic knowledge about negotiations and how/when we will update you on the progress.

At a very high level the negotiations process has five key phases:

1. Start
2. Proposals exchanged and ongoing discussions
3. Tentative Agreement Reached
4. Agreement Voted
5. Contract Ratified

To help you better understand what happens in each phase, we have created a flyer that explains the negotiations process in detail.

Click here to download and review the Negotiations 101 flyer.

Our Goals for This Negotiation

Open & Transparent Communication

& Productive Bargaining

Fair & Balanced Contract

Frequently Asked Questions