Company and Union Pause Negotiations

Kroger Columbus and UFCW Local 1776ks have agreed to temporarily pause contract negotiations.

The company and union have agreed to temporarily pause negotiations despite making significant progress during initial bargaining sessions.

It is not unusual, during the bargaining process, for the parties to agree to take time to consider the proposals which have been presented. Before returning to the bargaining table the parties may need time research proposals and prepare their respective responses.

Bargaining is a Process
It takes time to reach an agreement. There may be periods of time when there is no information to share. This is also normal part of the bargaining process. Both the company and union have a responsibility to thoughtfully consider each proposal to ensure we are able to reach a fair and balanced agreement.

We remain positive about the progress made so far and hopeful of reaching an agreement before contract expiration.

Next Steps
The union and company look to resume bargaining later this month. We will share those dates as soon as they are available.  If you have any questions, please talk to your store management team.

Thank you for all you do each day to serve your customers and each other.